1. Project: Local | No. 1 | Thompson Small Farm | Bergen, Alberta |

    Thompson Small Farm is a horse-powered mixed farm in Bergen, Alberta that is owned and operated by Jonathan Wright & Andrea Thompson.  Their mission of running a mixed farm that is both sustainable and a self contained ecosystem is achieved with the use of “solar powered tractors” - draft horses.   This quote on their website conveys their philosophy on sustainable farming with draft horses:

    “The earth gets tried of being exploited.  A country wears out quickly unless man puts back in it all his residue and that of all his animals.  When he quits using beasts and uses machines, the earth defeats him quickly.  The machine can’t reproduce, nor does it fertilize the soil, and it eats what we cannot raise.”

                                                                 - Ernest Hemingway, 1935

    Support the Thompson Small Farm at:

    Location:  Bergen Farmer’s Market 

    Dates: Saturdays from June 23 - September 8, 2012

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